Monday Musings: Fall


fall first signs

I can’t believe how fast this year has blasted by – we’re a week into fall already! The trees are starting to change color. And I’m salivating while going through all my fall recipes. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The food—apple cider, pumpkin muffins, stews and crock pot cooking. And of course—sweaters, soft warm sweaters, big comfy quilts and furry slippers. Then watching as the trees change colors. Sigh.

We’ve been through a lot the last few weeks.  Fixing websites because of malicious coding that got dropped into them was one of the worst things we had to handle. We thought the sites were protected.  I’ll go into more detail later and list the fixes for anyone who wants to save themselves major grief.

Now we’re dealing with a deluge of fleas. Darn diva dog went romping and rolling where she shouldn’t have. Now there are 90 days of EXTREME vacuuming, laundry and pet washing in my future. Ugh! We have 4 cats and an 80 lb dog. Shhhh! Diva dog is really 90 lbs but she gets easily offended when we discuss her weight. (snicker) I’m not looking forward to the baths. One of our cats is a slice and dice kitty if you try to get him anywhere near a tub with water and the diva dog hates water too. Fun times ahead!

Being in reactive mode is exhausting and we’ve been dealing with the unexpected for a few weeks now.  Don’t these events understand I plan out my week in advance? They need to make an appointment cuz they’re royally messing up my schedule! Sheeesh!

We’re so busy that  I haven’t been able to check out recipes from my favorite bloggers till late in the evening. Let me share some of what I found. I know you’ll enjoy them:

Here’s to a FUNtastic week for everyone!

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