Monday Musings:

we got snow monday musings 680


The photo was taken just after the first fall out from Thor! I’m in the safety of the Gazebo taking the shot because that’s how far we shoveled. This morning the snow’s no longer weighing the tree branches down and Diva Dog and I can actually make it to the back of the yard without toppling over each other and falling in the snow. I’m seriously considering doggy boots for the old girl. Diva Dog not me!

I find Monday’s I need time to get back into the workday flow because our weekends are so radically different. Monday musings help me get back gently into the thick of things for the rest of the week.

I know the clocks went ahead so we have to be close to Spring –right? I’m really anxious to get into Spring gardening!

Want a magical garden?  Plant a butterfly garden. And I really want to do this penny bowling ball for the garden.  I keep putting it off for lack of time. Wish me luck for this year.

I watched one of my favorite old movies last night — the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  The original version with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney of course.  Watching old movies and snacking on chocolate was something my mom and I really enjoyed!  I still do, but sadly now it’s without my mom.  Mother and daughter relationships can be truly wonderful–not perfect, but lots of loving and sweet memories. Here’s how to have the best mother and daughter relationship.

Since Spring is only 11 Days, 9 hours and 50 mins. away we should be thinking Spring cleaning.  Yup, you heard right— S.P.R.I.N.G. cleaning! I like these quick and easy cleaning tips.

No Irish Cream  for that recipe you want to try for St. Patty’s Day?  Make your own. It’s so easy! Here are video instructions.

I have a great need-to-know so I found this site that tells you the #1 song hit on your birthday. I’m not telling you mine because then you’d know how old I am. :o)

Enjoy your day!

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