Hot Lemonade with Ginger

hot lemonade

When you keep hearing people, in stores and restaurants, barking with those deep guttural coughs then it’s time to do double duty arming your immune system to help stay healthy.

Hot lemonade is one way to get more Vitamin C into our systems to help fight the effects of a cold or flu.  I like to add fresh ginger steeped in hot water to the lemonade. It adds some heat to soothe your throat and helps with respiratory tract infections according to WebMD.

Sometimes, when I have it on-hand, I just add ginger tea that I’ve already had boiled and kept in the fridge.

hot lemonade :

Hot Lemonade

Hot Lemonade


  • 5 lemons (scrub the peel well)
  • 1 inch knob of ginger --peeled and sliced
  • honey to taste
  • 4 cups of spring or distilled water


  • Bring the water to a boil
  • While the water is boiling, juice the lemons being careful you catch all the seeds and then cut the lemons into wedges and add to a large heat resistant glass jug. I use my 8 cup measuring cup.
  • Cut a few thin slices for garnishes
  • Add the chopped ginger root
  • Pour the boiling water over the cut lemons and ginger root and into the lemon juice. Let it steep until it's cool.
  • Pour the liquid through a fine strainer into the teapot. This way you'll catch any seeds and the ginger bits.
  • Pour 1/2 a cup into your favorite mug and add additional hot water and honey to taste
  • Add a couple of thin lemon slices


DO NOT give children under a year old honey because it can cause botulism.